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About is a commercial law and compliance firm operating out of Brisbane and Sydney, and focuses on exclusively supporting the legal and compliance needs of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and those seeking to become RTOs throughout Australia.
The firm provides support to RTOs through the delivery of high-quality and cost-effective legal and compliance services based on a deep understanding of the RTO business, and a flexible and highly competitive fee structure.


Because we’ve been there, and we understand.
We understand: (a) what you went through to establish your RTO; (b) how much time, money and hard work you invested to make it a success; and (c) in the current environment, what you need to do to keep your investment safe.
The investment required start and operate an RTO is significant.
This risk of potentially losing everything because of regulatory non-compliance is ever present.
ASQA is growing increasingly intolerant of non-compliant operators and is more inclined to impose sanctions including cancelling existing registrations or rejecting initial applications for registration.
Many people, despite having strong cases, cannot afford to pay the legal fees needed to challenge ASQA decisions.
Consequently, they accept decisions that they may feel were baseless or unfair.
There is no doubt that adherence to the VET Quality Framework is a must for all RTOs and those seeking to become RTOs.
However, no-one should have to accept a baseless or unfair decision because of the potentially high legal fees associated with challenging such a decision.
We are here to help by supporting you with high-quality legal and compliance services and a flexible and highly competitive fee structure.
Contesting ASQA decisions – litigated and un-litigated.
Applying for initial registration, meeting the requirements of ongoing registration, making changes to a registration and renewing or withdrawing registration.
Representation on ASQA audits.
Continuing compliance with the VET Quality Framework.
Intellectual property within RTO course materials.
Training partnerships, sub-contracting and training delivery.
Business disposals and acquisitions.

About is the registered business name of Zhouand Pty Ltd ACN 630 717 976, an incorporated legal practice registered with the Queensland Law Society in Queensland and the Law Society of New South Wales in New South Wales.



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